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It’s All Over

  We have sucked every last second of fun and relaxation out of our recent vacation.  We knew we were going to take two full weeks because we knew we will not be taking another vacation for at least a year.  At least not an extended one.   The two weeks went by so quickly.  We are home now and I kiss the ground we live on as there is absolutely no place like home.  I was so happy to see Molly and Belle and the chickens and that they had all fared quite well during our absence thanks to some great pet sitters who have cared for our pets for years. 

We have so many happy memories of our trip to Texas.  Here are a few pictures.  Be prepared.  This is just a few of the pictures I took.



  What can I say about a place that has my very favorite birds in it?  I love seagulls.  Some people call them flying rats, but I think they are beautiful and look so graceful soaring through the air.  These almost look like angels coming down from heaven.



  They can stand on one leg.  Not many birds do that.  I don’t know why they do it, but I think they look cute standing that way.

  We took a round trip ferry ride from Galveston.  It was just something to do and I am so glad we did.  I have never seen so many sea birds in one place.


  A man was feeding the seagulls in the back of the ferry.   “Mine, mine!” they seem to be saying. What movie is that from?


  They soar up and down and can catch a piece of bread in mid air. 

   Another bird we saw on our ride was a pelican or I should say lots and lots of pelicans.




Old gentlemen’s club talking about the fish that got away!


I think this is a cormorant.   I could be wrong.  We also saw lots of dolphins.  They followed the ferry back and forth.


On the ferry, Miss Garmin told us we were driving in the middle of the water.  She was having a fit.


David and I were almost the only walk on riders on the ferry.  When we leave Galveston, we will drive our car onto the ferry and cross to the other side.


David did some metal detecting and found one dime.  We’re rich!!

There was a statue on the walkway by the beach which I found intriguing.  Many years ago, Galveston was hit by a hurricane that just about devastated the whole area.   This statue show a mother, father and child with the father seeming to reach his hand to heaven.  Thankful that Galveston is still here.




I don’t know what the sculptor was thinking when he made this statue, but it was a somber reminder for me of what the sea and wind and rain can do to a community.


Alas, we land lubbers had to leave the sea and head inland again.  We loved our time in Galveston and in all Texas for that matter, but home is calling, so away we went.


Onto the ferry.  Here is what I do the entire trip.  Look at an atlas while David makes goo-goo eyes at Miss Garmin. Ha.  I like to see where we are going.


Past colorful beach houses.


Away from the beach and all it’s beauty.






and over the bridge that took us away from the sea.`


  With our little scarecrow sitting on the dash, we traveled down the highway, heading north.


Over beautiful lakes and rivers.  Too many to remember.


Past road work.  Lots of road work going on in America.

We like to find local places to eat so we arrived in one town,( I don’t remember which one)(Marshall, Texas) and found this restaurant.  This town was already decorated for Christmas.


Each lamp post had a lighted wreath upon it.  It was really pretty.


The restaurant  looked so cute and we wanted something different so we went inside.


But before we did, I had to take pictures of the colorful planters and tables outside.


Someone likes color and so do I.  Inside there were comfy looking couches and modern pictures on the wall and shelves of books.   We sat at a table and a young woman came up and offered a free sample of homemade peach ice tea.  David liked it and ordered some with his meal.  I am not a fan of flavored teas.  The chicken salad sandwich that I got was so good.

We talked to the young woman who happened to be the owner, baker and waitress.  She told us she had just given away a thousand books from the several thousand she had found in an old building she had bought seven years ago.  So she thought she would give them away to those who wanted them.  Later, as I was looking at some of her books she told me to take one.  This is the one I picked out.


I love history and this was a true story about how one group of people tried to restore a cemetery that had been all grown over for decades.  Slaves were buried there besides many ancestors of  the blacks in the area.  It was about racial prejudice and racial harmony which we all should strive for.


This is the owner. She drew the sign behind her also. A very talented lady.  Her business card reads, General Manager and Baking Goddess.  I could have talked to her longer, but she was busy and we had miles to go before we slept.  But how many places do you go to eat where they give you a book?  If you want to know more about this place go to



Driving into Tennessee.  I have to tell you Tennessee people, you sure do have a beautiful state.  We started seeing deciduous trees again which was nice and there was color.



This was the very last antique mall we stopped at and it was the very best one.  We spent two hours there and didn’t see it all.

Well, I could tell you about the books, antiques, fabric and other things I bought along the way.  I made hay while the sun shone since I knew we would not be antiquing for a long time(maybe.)   And I made excuses for all the fabric I bought saying I was going to make Christmas gifts with it and I have already started, so that is true.

Vacations are nice, but truly, there’s no place like home.  Bye.






Fredricksburg, Texas

I have read for years in magazines about the town of Fredricksburg, Texas and have wanted to visit it.  We finally got to make the trip to Texas.  It’s been a long car drive to get here, but it has been fun and interesting.

The town of Fredricksburg sits in the hill country of Texas.  Surrounded by hills, rocky land full of sage brush, cactus and mesquite.  A truly Texas town.  It was settled by German immigrants and they have built so many little houses called Sunday houses.  Houses where the ranchers and families from far out places came to town and stayed on Sunday to attend church and visit with other people.  Now many of these little houses are B&Bs.  Each one is different in its own way.  Pretty little houses decorated outside so creatively.

Now it is a tourist town with shops full of everything.  A general store.  A five, dime and quarter store.  An ice cream, bakery and deli store with the best sandwiches and delicious ice cream scooped in cups or different types of waffle cones.   Clothes stores where I could have dropped hundreds of dollars(if I had hundreds of dollars) clothes right up my alley.  Antique stores with western memorabilia.  I always find a book or two in most antique stores.  I have built up quite a library in this way.  I bought a Laura Hillenbrand book that looks very interesting.








These are just a sample of the Sunday houses.

Another place I have wanted to go to was Wildseed Farms. I order all my flower seeds from them.  So off we went.











The store was surrounded on an acre or two of beautiful flowers.  Most will not grow in Indiana.  I checked.


David is always patiently waiting on me.


This little bird was singing its heart our when we arrived.  I don’t know what it was, but it didn’t seem afraid of people because David had to get really close to get this picture.

Since I wrote about the worst place we have eaten, I will write about a great place we ate.  Wednesday is hamburger day for David and me.  We try not to eat hamburgers any other day.  I could eat a hamburger every single day, but that would be wrong, wouldn’t it??

Anyway we drove into this town looking for dinner. David thought the Country Kitchen looked good.  We parked, walked up to the restaurant, looked in the window and saw it was a buffet and I immediately did an about face and went to the car.  We drove around town and saw this place.


Almost like a little shack with lots of trucks in the drive.  You know it’s a good place to eat if there are a lot of trucks parked there.  But, still, we kept driving around because we really wanted to sit down and order something.  When we could not find anything that looked good, we returned to Brad’s burgers, and we were so glad we did.  We parked in the lot and walked up to the order speaker box.  A waitress came out and explained everything to us, so we ordered two burgers and fries.  When it was brought out, it was in a greasy bag packed full.  The large fries would have fed a family of four.  David and I ordered two! Needless to say we could not eat them all.  We had a five pound bag of potatoes left over when we were finished.  We sat at a picnic table outside and enjoyed the meal tremendously.  One of the best burgers I have ever eaten.  We brought the bag of fries back to our room and they stunk up the room all night and we threw them away the next day.

We spent the morning antiquing and we found one quilt shop which was wonderful.  Did I buy fabric?  Yes, I did.  I have shot my budget clear out of sight.  I told David we cannot stop at another quilt shop.  Think we will manage it?

Here’s to greasy burgers and little western towns.  Bye.

Another Summer Day

I have so been enjoying this Summer.  It is going way too fast.  In another week, many children will be going back to school.  I find that kind of sad. I remember when Summers were long and lasted for months.  My grandson told me he was kind of glad to be going back to school which made me happy.  If he is glad about it, then it’s okay with me.

I can’t tell you it’s been an eventful Summer.  One lazy day has melted into another.  David and I have been busy at many things and yet, it seems we have done nothing.   Many of our days include this….



Someone is almost asleep on the turtle raft behind us.


Someone told us once that it was like swimming in the Garden of Eden in our pool.  I guess it kind of is.  Flowers, birds and butterflies surround us as we swim.


Belle enjoys being in the garden although she and Bonnie spend most of the hot days under the deck where it is cooler.

We watched this while swimming the other day.




The most beautiful butterfly with a large wingspan.  We didn’t know what kind it was.  Maybe someone who knows could leave a comment.

It flitted from flower to flower all afternoon.  David and my daughter chased it with their cameras trying to get some good pictures.







I post all these flower pictures because I know that before we know it there will be two feet of snow in our yard and I will think we will never have beautiful flowers again.


David and I did manage to do some antiquing a couple of weeks ago. We found this really eclectic antique store in northern Indiana.  It had just about everything you would want to see or buy.


Inside these doors is a wonderland of antiques and fun objects.    I could have stocked up on so much chicken paraphernalia.  We almost missed this place as we thought it was in town, but it was off the beaten path and we just happened to see a sign for it outside of town.


This giant tin man stood sentinel out in front of the store.



I baked again.  I love baking fresh bread.  It is so much better than store bought.  My favorite sandwich is a hamburger on fresh, homemade bread.   Can’t do that too often, but once in a while it is a treat.  We are getting tomatoes out of the garden now and that just adds to the lusciousness of a hamburger sandwich.  There is nothing better than a slice of a fresh tomato with a little salt sprinkled on.


Made some potato soup.  I think I am getting hungry writing this blog right now.  Unfortunately, the soup is all gone.


The last fresh rhubarb crunch of the season.   I froze a few packages of rhubarb and this winter we will have some more of this.

David and I have done something I never thought we would be able to do.  I can’t tell you what it is yet, but soon I will be able to write about it.  I am so excited that we have done this.  And no, I am not pregnant again!!  Impossible!

I will leave you with a couple of selfies I tried to take with Molly Marshmallow.   Let’s just say, she made it difficult as she kept licking my face.  Love that dog.



Here’s to Summer, pups and beautiful butterflies.  Bye.



Antiquing, Wood and Eggs(or AWE)

I couldn’t think of a clever heading to this post so this is what I came up with.  We have done some antiquing, mainly because I wanted to get out of the house and go somewhere besides the grocery store or church.  I have to get out every few days or I will turn into a pumpkin or something.

Wood first.  Many years ago when our children were young, we use to burn firewood in a wood stove in our living room to help keep our old house warm.  We had an old antique furnace that I think was put in during the fifties and it wasn’t all that efficient.  Earth stoves were sold back then.  They were very efficient little stoves.  People who had them would brag about how long they would burn with one stick of wood.  Someone told us that he put a leaf in his Earth stove and it burned all night.  I think he was pulling our leg.  If you burn wood, you have to get it from somewhere.  You either buy it by the rick or cord or you go out in the woods and cut your own.  Back then we cut our own.  David worked at Camp Atterbury at the time and got permission for us to cut downed trees in the camp.  We had an old beat up red truck that I loved and we all piled into the front seat(we couldn’t do that today) and drove to the camp on cool Autumn days and searched for trees that had fallen down.  The children would play while David cut the wood and I helped him throw it into the back of the truck.  When we got the truck loaded, we brought the wood home and had to restack it again.  I read somewhere once that cutting your own wood warms you three times, when you cut the wood, when you stack the wood and when you burn the wood.  It’s true.

When I was growing up on the farm, we burnt wood and coal oil.  There was a big black wood stove in the kitchen and it was the warmest room in the house.  Getting up on a frigid winter morning and coming down from your frigid bedroom into a toasty warm kitchen smelling of coffee and  food was heaven.  It was a warm oasis in the wintry weather.  I always felt cozy in the kitchen in the winter and Mother always had something good to eat prepared.

We cut down a big maple tree in our side yard this Autumn and David planned to split all the wood.  I really thought it would take him all winter, but he finished the job this past week.


There is a lot of wood there.  Our son-in-law and one of our sons plan on getting some of this and the rest we will burn in our fire pit.  There are three giant pieces left that David said he will have to work on.  One of them I plan to make into a garden table.


My man cut up more wood we had laying around the yard this week.


Our older son gave him this saw at Christmas and it has really come in handy.  We cleaned up a lot of wood in the yard and have it neatly stacked now.


We love burning wood in our fire pit.  I love the smell of burning wood and it was nice having the warmth while we worked outside.  Our dogs like to lay around the fire too.

Antiquing.  We took a day out and went out to eat and found a really nice antique mall in Bloomington.  There was so much there and I found a few things.



Feed sacks.  I don’t often buy feed sacks because I think they are a little too expensive for what you get, but I fell in love with these.  I got two of the grandmother’s flower garden ones.  I am thinking of making pillowcases from them.


A pretty Spring tablecloth.  I already have plans for a ladies’ tea with pretty tablecloths on the tables.    On our big front porch.


It’s funny, but almost a year ago to the day I bought a book by this author at another antique store.


Jessamyn West is an author who was born in Indiana and the two books of hers I have are about a Quaker family during the Civil War and afterward.  Friendly Persuasion was made into a movie starring Gary Cooper.  I love that movie and watch it every time it’s on tv.

Eggs.  Okay, my hens are laying sporadically right now because of the cold weather, but we still are getting enough for us and some to give away.  One of our hens is laying gigantic eggs  and I know it’s not the biggest hen because I found an egg under her that is rather small. I wish I could find out who. She deserves some extra chicken crack( I call the chicken scratch chicken crack because they go crazy over it.)  Here is the giant one compared to the regular sized egg,


They are big eggs and heavy, too.  I say my chicken eggs taste like butter and they do.

Here’s to AWE.  Bye.

Antiquing and Grandparents’ Days

My three grandchildren’s schools had grandparents’s days this week.  I really love to go to them.  This year we had a grandchild in elementary, middle school and high school.  Grandparent’s day was held on three separate days which meant we had to get up at the crack of dawn and drive an hour to get to their school.  We made it to the elementary school and the middle school, but we had substitutes go for our granddaughter’s day.  We are sincerely thankful they did because after the two days we were completely exhausted.  The first day was at our grandson’s school in the elementary building.  He is in the third grade and we so enjoyed spending some time in his classroom, meeting his teacher and seeing what they do every day.  As they go to a Christian school, they memorize Bible verses.  My grandchildren memorize complete books of the Bible which puts me to shame. Anyway, I forgot my camera the first day so didn’t get any pictures.  We took our third grader out to eat at Steak and Shake and had a nice visit with him.  Wish I had gotten some pictures of him.  He’s a sweetheart. The next day we went to the middle school.






This is our middle school grandson.  He is the sweetest, kindest, funniest, person.  I love being with him.  He is taller than me now and getting taller every time I see him.


The kids in this school are so talented.  This is the jazz band playing old songs we grandparents love.


The school and its students were so welcoming every day.


David was there for the donuts!  How did we get in with all these “old’ people?  Huh???


This is our grandson’s locker.  Not too messy.  We saw one girl’s locker that was totally organized, color coordinated and had a mini chandelier in it.  Now that’s organization.  I don’t think my locker looked this good when I was in school.


This boy is totally into sports.  Of any kind.  I especially like lacrosse. He’s playing basketball right now.


All the grandparents wrote something to their grandchild on a wall.  We do that every year.  We took our middle schooler out to eat and spent some time visiting with him.  It was a nice two days.  Two of our granddaughter’s relatives went to her grandparents’ day, but I told David I don’t care if it kills us, we are going to all of  the three days next year.   I really missed seeing my granddaughter. She’s the one who has had a book published and is writing another one.  I am so proud of her.  I’m proud of all my grandchildren.   We have been blessed with the best.

Coming home yesterday we took the back roads.  It certainly looks like Autumn now and the trees are changing rapidly. It was such a beautiful day even though it was raining.  We ended up in Franklin, where we found five antique stores right together on one block.  Of course we had to go through them all, although I must say my feet were killing me because I wore these cute boots that hadn’t been broken in and every step was painful, but I wasn’t going to miss an antique shop. We walked out on a porch of one of them and saw a raccoon in a cage.  We asked the owners if they knew it was there and they didn’t, but they were trying to trap it because it had been causing some trouble.  So they called animal control.

Of course, I found a few things I couldn’t do without.  It’s becoming harder to do as my house is an antique store itself.


I found this wool rooster rug which I am using in front of my sink in the kitchen.


I am always looking for books.   I love Mary Higgins Clark books and this is one by her daughter.  Hope it’s as good as her mother’s books are.


My find of the day was this laundry tub and rack and a cute sign.


The sign isn’t old, but I liked it. Not sure how I will display the tub and rack, but I am sure I will find a place to put it.  Hang a couple of towels on both ends.  Instant nostalgia.


Our porch is all decorated for the season.  I can’t wait to decorate it for Christmas..  We are going to have a Christmas tree on the porch this year.


Since I didn’t have enough pillows on our sofa, I made a new one.


I started it last year and I have been moving it around in my shop getting it out of the way and one day I decided to get it done and get it out of there.  It goes well with my other Autumn pillows.





That pillow in the corner that you can hardly see was made by my mother years ago.


My new favorite candle scent right now.  I could eat this candle it smells so good.

Some new little people have joined us.


This is Minnie.


This is Grandma Moses.


This is Scar the Pirate.  I will be using them in my Sunday school class in the weeks ahead.  How does a pirate fit into a Sunday school lesson?  I will have to think about that, but I am sure I can come up with a good story. Bye.




Road Trip

Before I tell you about the road trip David and I took yesterday, I have a few things to show you that are going on around our house.


Molly is holding her own with the big dogs. As you can see here, she is not at all intimidated by Belle, even when Belle barks right in her face.  She hangs out with Bonnie and Belle pretty much all day now.  She doesn’t like being in the shop.  She wants to be where the action is.   I love her little tail that curls over her back.  This is her, “you’re not scaring me,” stance.

We are training Molly to walk around the pool, not get in it.  So far, so good. She walks right up to the edge and then walks away.  I still cage her at night as I am afraid she will fall in the pool and get drowned.


The birds are busy eating sunflowers. I am going to plant more next year.  We have had dozens of birds including several pairs of goldfinches eating on the sunflowers.


See the chickadee at the bottom of the picture?   It’s hard to get their picture as they grab a seed and fly off to peck it to get the good insides.


I believe this is a female goldfinch as she is not as bright yellow.

While sitting at my sewing machine in my girly room I saw a lot of action on the top of my shop.  Cardinals were going in and out of the  gutter getting seeds or bugs or something.  Then I saw this one.


A rather henpecked orange cardinal.  Yes, it was orange against the reds of the other cardinals.  I think this may be a young one. He looked kind of sad.

Then another critter came to eat.


There must have been something really good in the gutter to make all these birds and squirrels come to dine.


“You lookin’ at me?”


Chomp, chomp, chomp.


David and I took a road trip.  We headed to Danville to eat at a special restaurant I had read about.


We landed in Mayberry at the Mayberry Cafe.


Barney’s police cruiser sat outside ready for him to jump in to catch another criminal.


All the televisions inside the cafe ran Andy Griffith shows continuously.  The food was good too.


We sat at Opie’s booth.

We walked around the town square and saw this little guy.


While driving to Danville we went through Bargersville and Mooresville.  We found a couple of really good antique stores. Did I buy anything?    What do you think?


I found this cute chalkware chick and a child’s old watering can.  I  will use these for Easter decorations next Spring.  Never too early to plan, you know.



We stopped at this antique store and it was full of treasures.


I got two yards of this beautiful fabric for four dollars.  A good deal.  It’s already hanging out on the line drying after I rinsed it to get the dyes set.


I collect American flags and found this 48 star flag at a very good price.  I have several 48 star flags and one 49 star flag which is kind of hard to find as the 49 star flag wasn’t around very long.  Some day I am going to hang all my flags all around my house outside just to see how many I have.


I have never been in Avon and we were passing through and I saw this quilt shop and we had to stop.


I just got a few pieces for a quilt I am working on right now.


We so enjoyed our drive on the back roads of Indiana. My state is so beautiful in the summer even though it is so hot.  Everything looks lush and green.


The fields are getting ripe for harvest.  It is said our corn crop is great this year.  I am glad for the farmers and I hope they fill their barns and silos and make a good profit on their crops because some years can be very poor for farmers.  We have had just enough rain to make everything grow well.


It saddens me that the old wooden barns are disappearing from the landscape.  Someone said once that most children don’t even know what a haymow is.  It’s to store the hay.  It was a great place to play when I was a girl.  It’s where mother cats hid their kittens among the hay bales.  It’s where you swung from the hay hook suspended high above. The hay hook that would hook the bails of hay and then they would be swung into the haymow.  I have so many happy memories of the haymow on my daddy’s farm.  We played basketball up there also when there wasn’t hay in the way.


I will leave you with a picture of the calendar I bought the other day.   Everyone should keep chickens.  I highly recommend it.  Bye.