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Right now I feel like a juggler, juggling several different things at once.  And it’s all my fault.  No one makes me do these things.

I am a creative person loving to sew, quilt, knit, embroider and do just about any handwork.  My problem is I love to start something, but I don’t always get it done.  Right now I can say  I have at least ten quilts that need to be completed.  Probably more.  One I just have a very little bit of quilting to do and it just sits there waiting on me.  Making me feel guilty.

Then there is the knitting.  I just started knitting after years of not knitting a thing.  Suddenly I am in love with yarn and the working with the two needles row upon row as a hat or a scarf takes shape.  This week I have made three children’s hats and a scarf.   I want to start another hat.  I’m thinking these hats would be nice to put in Christmas boxes for Samaritan’s Purse. I only knit at night right before I go to bed, but the problem is I don’t want to go to bed until I get a hat done.  I can knit one in an evening.  They’re small.

Then I decided I needed to make a couple of new ironing board covers.  That entails making almost a twin size quilt and cutting it down to size to fit the ironing board.  I almost have one done.  I don’t waste any time when I get an idea in my head.

Then I went to a fabric store last week with some friends and got an armload of felts and decided I needed to make needle holders right away.  Today I cut out two, plus a scissor holder.  They will be so cute, I think, if I get them done. Lots of handwork on these.  I will show them to you when I get them finished.  They are not the hand needle holders I made last week and showed you.    I bet you are wondering what I am going to do with all these needle holders.  I have a plan.

Now I am on a roll and want to get a Christmas quilt completed before gardening time gets here.  I almost have the quilt top finished.

Today it suddenly hit me I have way too many things going at once and need to finish a few and tidy things up a bit before Spring.  Plus I have been neglecting the pups and the chicks.  They demand my attention and I have given them very little in the past couple of weeks.  And I need to get to the beauty shop and get my hair cut or it is going to be to my waist before I know it.  Plus my “true” color is showing and I can’t have that.  But every time I think I will make an appointment,  we get another big snow and I don’t want to get out in it.

I need to plant tomatoes now.  Before we know it, we will be in garden planting season and last year my tomatoes were late getting out.  I had cherry tomatoes clear up to frost last year, but so many of them were wasted that way so this year I hope to get them out earlier.  The chooks really cleaned out the old garden and even flattened the compost pile so I won’t have much cleaning up of the garden before we till it.  I am amazed what good little dirt turners they are.  They have scratched up every inch of the garden area.  That is why you don’t let chickens into your garden when something is growing there.

I am sounding rather hyper here, aren’t I?  I said a while ago I have never been bored.  Now I see why.  I am where I think a boring day might be nice.  A long day of nothing. Maybe just me, a hot bath and a good book.  Sounds pretty wonderful.    But that isn’t going to happen for a while. Next week I start a new Bible study for six weeks.  Since it is going to be at my house this time I am going to have to do some cleaning.  And some baking.

Our Sunday school class is going to a dinner theater and I am so excited about that.  I love plays and musicals and things like that.  This is a special one for Valentine’s Day.

My chooks are doing well in this bitter, cold weather.  It doesn’t seem to affect them much.  We do have a heat lamp on in the sub zero temps.  They are still  laying from three to five eggs a day. I still have to give eggs away because we cannot eat them fast enough.   I notice someone is molting because I see a lot of loose feathers when I clean their coop. And it sure isn’t me!


Finished my granddaughter’s book.  I find myself excited about reading the next one to see what is going to happen next to her main characters.  She is a really good writer.  As she matures I see her writing more and more and getting the public’s attention.  Her book is geared toward middle school aged children, but she used some big words I had to look up.

Another snow is expected this weekend.  Feed the birds.  They can’t find food under the snow.  I have the fattest birds and squirrels around because they are always feasting.  The squirrels just look at me when I go out to fill the feeder and just keep on munching.  I guess by now they know I don’t eat squirrel.

Here’s to sewing, quilting, knitting, reading and never being bored.  Bye.

All This and Heaven Too

Some days are better than others and today was a good day.  I was glad to get up and get going and decided to make soup beans for supper.  I had seen a good bread recipe on several different blogs and wanted to try it.  It seemed so easy.   No kneading, no waiting for it to rise two or three times and only dirtied one bowl in the process of making it.

I was pretty happy how it turned out.



It was crispy and crunchy on the outside and soft and yummy on the inside.  Plus it makes a pretty loaf.



David and I almost devoured the loaf in one sitting.  Can’t make it too often then.



A nice pot of soup beans rounded out the meal.  Wonderful for a cold winter’s day.





The wolf moon was a couple of nights ago.  It looks like it is shining on a field of snow, but those are clouds.

Speaking of wolves…..








Bonnie and Belle don’t think much of this cold weather.  I have been letting them into my shop at night and now they think they are indoor dogs.  They gaze at me forlornly at the back door.  Belle has her very own real bed to sleep on in my shop and Bonnie gets the recliner.  We never had dogs in the house when I was growing up, but we always had dogs.  They slept out in the barn in the hay with the other animals.  I can’t remember a time I haven’t had a dog around me.  And I hope I always will have.


I’ve started reading my granddaughter’s book and I may be grandma, but this girl can write.  I am amazed and cannot wait to read more.


There is another book by this name written several years ago, so don’t get them confused.



This is my granddaughter’s pen name.  I still cannot believe she wrote this.  I will be snuggling down into bed tonight to read “Beyond the Open Door.”  It’s for sale on Amazon right now.  Buy. Bye.



An Author in the Family

I am so proud today I am about to bust.  My fourteen year old granddaughter just got her first book published and it is on Amazon for sale now.  It is called “Beyond the Open Door,” by Abigail Grace.   I just ordered a copy and cannot wait to read it.  I didn’t even know she was writing it until she was trying to get it published.  It’s one of a trilogy.  A trilogy!  How many fourteen year olds write one book, let alone three.  And they aren’t short books either.

Abby has always been a reader.  She is always saying she is a nerd, but she is far from it.  She makes excellent grades in school, has performed on stage, been on mission trips and is just an all around great kid.


That’s her with her brothers and cousins.  The only girl.  We gave her a ukelele for Christmas and probably is playing it better than I play mine now.

Abby is our first grandchild.  When she was born, I had to wait two whole weeks before I could see her because her parents lived in Chicago and we could not get up there right away.  I could hardly stand it to wait that long to see her and when I first set eyes on her face, I knew I would love her forever.  I have always told her I loved her before she was born and I did.  I have been blessed to watch her grow into the beautiful young lady she is today and I look forward to seeing what she will do in the future.  I know she will write for sure, but there is so much more waiting for that girl.

Anyway, check out her book on Amazon.  I just ordered it and am looking forward to reading it just to see where her imagination has taken her.

Here’s to new authors, especially when one of them is your granddaughter. Bye.


Where Am I?

  What has happened to the time?  Where am I?  Is it Summer still or is it Autumn?  I don’t know.  I just wrote about Spring and planting the garden and enjoying the warm weather and now I am so looking forward to cooler temperatures, falling leaves and wearing sweaters, sitting by campfires and drinking hot chocolate. 

  The chicks were tiny little balls of fluff only yesterday and now they are laying an egg every day.  A dozen every two days.   One hundred and eighty eggs a month.   I can’t use them fast enough.  The dogs get one in their dog food every other day.  I boil them, fry them, scramble them, make egg salad, bake cakes and cookies and still they keep coming.  The hens are like little laying machines now and the eggs are getting bigger.  The thrill is still there, though, every time I go out to the coop and find the pretty brown eggs, some still warm from the hens’ bodies. 

  We got an automatic chicken coop door opener today.  We are hoping we can go away once in a while and not have to worry whether the chooks are able to get out during the day and are safely shut in at night.  The company that we ordered from included a free gospel of John in the box.  Was a very nice thing to find.   The company is called Fleming Outdoor if you are interested.

  I am still getting tomatoes.  The cucumbers finally stopped producing, thank goodness.  We got hundred of cucumbers this year.  I have Roma tomatoes just coming on and one cherry tomato plant that is starting to produce.  I love this time of year.  We can eat from the garden and the chooks.  We haven’t gone to the grocery as much lately for some reason.  David said the other day we hadn’t made a big grocery store run for some time.  Don’t know why.  We seem to be eating pretty well.  

  I am sewing on Tuesdays with a friend.  I need to get into another Bible study soon, but I just haven’t felt like studying for a while.  I have taken Bible studies for years and needed to take a break, but I have one in mind I am planning to do.  The new Beth Moore.

  I also need to get into my walking again.  I kind of slowed down when it got so hot and have had a hard time getting myself motivated to get back to my five miles a day.  I’m hoping with the cooler weather coming, I will start again.  I really love walking, but find the first mile is the hardest.  After I can get past that one, I feel like I could walk for hours.  I also need to find a new walking place as where I walk there are so many trucks, trains and automobiles.  Sounds like the name of a movie.  I read blogs where they have beautiful hills and valleys and fields and quiet roads on which to walk and wish I lived in such an area.  I guess I could drive somewhere to walk, but somehow for me that defeats the whole purpose of walking.  When we go on vacation to North Carolina, I am hoping we find a lot of nice walking areas like we did when we went to Alaska.  I walked to Alaska I always say, because every day we found a park or safe area for me to walk and I would walk my five miles.  I even walked five miles a day on the boat going to Alaska.

   I need to get new glasses, but am too lazy to go to the eye doctor.  I hate going to any doctor. Both my dentist and my family doctor are wonderful, don’t get me wrong.  I have a doctor’s appointment this week for a check-up and a dentist appointment the week after.  I don’t know why it spoils my whole day when I have to go have anything done with or for my body to include the hair dresser.  I am sort of afraid what my beautician is going to say to me when she sees my red hair.  I refreshed the color yesterday and still love it.    Anyway,  I feel so out of control in a doctor’s office because I am afraid he will find something wrong which would mean tests and more time spent in medical offices.  I think my fear comes from when I was a little girl and my older sister would tease me about the big, long needles the doctor was going to use on me.  She use to scare me to death.  I grew up in the time when you had to get multiple polio shots and it seemed to me that we were always going to Dr. Barton’s office to get yet another polio shot.  Then I developed a very stiff neck and my parents were afraid I had gotten polio.  Thankfully, it wasn’t, but polio was scary back then.

  I feel like I am in a kind of limbo right now between seasons and what I want to do.  I need a goal so I am going to think of one and put it up on this blog so that I will have to meet the goal.  It will probably be about walking distances or something like that.  Or maybe I will try to finish a quilt a week.  I have so many quilt tops that need to be quilted and bound.  Or maybe I could pick an author and try to read all his or her books.  Right now I am reading a really good Jodi Piccoult book.  I have read some others of hers and liked them.  I would like to find a book with about a thousand pages. The book I read about Deitrich Bonhoeffer had over a thousand pages and I loved every one of them.  It was such an inspiring book, but sad also. 

  I am finished with American television for the most part.  There are very few shows I like and the reality shows just turn me off.  We have Netflix and have been watching British dramas and comedies and those people know how to write a good story.  We are watching “Doc Martin” right now about a surgeon who becomes sick at the sight of blood and goes to a small British town as a GP.  He is rather gruff and abrupt with his patients, but they don’t seem to mind.  I laugh out loud at some of the things that happen to him.  The townspeople are rather quirky and I like quirky people. 

  Have I rambled on long enough?  I felt like I should come here before people decided I had given up blogging.  I haven’t.  I have so many things I want to blog about, but it takes time to upload the pictures and then write the blog and I have been kind of busy.   I have children’s stories I have written I went to put on here.  Oh, no, I am not finished blogging.  I have this need to write whether anyone reads it or not.  I am hoping I am making a kind of diary for my children so they will know their mother a little better. 

  Here’s to rambling on and on and people kind enough to read it.  Bye.


The Egg and I and a Trip to England

Does anyone remember the movie, “The Egg and I,”  that starred Fred McMurray and Claudette Colbert?  You have to be really old to remember it although TMC may show it once in a while. It’s about a man and woman who move from the city onto a farm to raise chickens and all the problems they had and all the crazy neighbors they had.  I use to love watching it.  Perhaps you could see it somewhere online.

I’m living a sort of Egg and I life right now.  Raising chickens has been more fun than I could ever imagine.  I feel at one with the chooks.  They are my peeps.  They cluck and I cluck back. They ruffle their feathers and I….well, maybe not.    Now we are reaping the rewards of all the time and money we have spent on them by gathering eggs every day. They are still small, but I live in hope they will get bigger as we go along.  We ate some yesterday for breakfast.


Look at that bright orange yolk.


The store bought egg is on the right.  It was a double yolker however.


We ate our breakfast al fresco by the pool.  Yes, that is Spam on our plates.  I do like a slice or two of Spam occasionally.   Spam has gotten a bum rap.  My doctor is stocking up Spam for the end times he tells me.  If it is good enough for my doctor, it’s good enough for me.


We enjoyed the garden as we ate.


Belle joined us. These are her begging eyes.  Can’t you tell?

The other day I received a wonderful book in the mail.  I found a blog over a year ago written by Susan Branch.  I had never heard of her before that, but I absolutely loved her blog.  She calls all her readers her “girl friends,” and always has something wonderful to write about.  She gave a tea party for the new Prince George for her friends and neighbors.  It was quite something and looked like so much fun.  Anyway, she writes books.  She handwrites them and water colors them and they are just amazing.  They include recipes and sayings and Susan’s outlook on life.  As she says about others, she has the “happy” gene.   Susan and her husband, Joe, took a two month vacation to England last year and she chronicled it in a diary.  They went over on the Queen Mary2 and rented a car and drove all over England.  That is exactly what David and I want to do.

Her diary came out in hardcover just last week and as I had pre-ordered the book, I got mine last week.  It’s signed and everything.  This is a book you cannot read on Kindle.  It is a book you need to hold and smell and leaf through over and over and read excerpts from it and stare at the pictures and read some more.

Susan handwrote the entire book and drew her wonderful water color pictures.  This book is a travel guide of sorts and tells all the places they stayed and what they ate where and how crazy it was to drive on the left side of the road.  David and I did that when we visited the Virgin Islands and David thinks it is easier to drive on the left side of the road instead of the right.  He even said the other day he wished he could find a car with the steering wheel on the right.  My guy is crazy like that.


She called her book A Fine Romance.  It tells how she met her husband after she had pretty much given up ever getting married and her love of the English countryside.


I have read this book and am reading it again.  It’s that wonderful.  If you love England, you will love this book.  Here are some of Susan’s watercolors and pictures from the book.


She loves Beatrix Potter, the author of Peter Rabbit, and visited her home called Hilltop.


She and Joe walked through many fields with sheep in them.


Love these phone booths. Are they really used anymore or are they just for atmosphere now?


They sailed on the Queen Mary2.  There were over three thousand people on the ship.  David and I want to sail across to England, but David said we will probably have to take a freighter.  I’m not sure about sailing on such a big ship.  We will have to see.  We want to go over on our fiftieth wedding anniversary. I really don’t want to fly.

Still picking cucumbers.  Fifteen yesterday and four today because I really didn’t want to look for them.  Also we are getting tomatoes.  They are so good.  Nothing is as good as that first tomato from the garden.

Here’s to English diaries, dining al fresco and laying hens..  Bye.


A Book, a Salad and the Chooks


What does one do with this bounty of cucumbers?  By the way, see the egg?  Anyway, I have been picking nine or ten cucumbers out of the garden every day for about two weeks now.  Yesterday I picked fifteen.  So I took several of them to church this morning to give away and I made this salad.


Found the recipe on my facebook page the other day and tried it.  It has cucumbers, onions and tomatoes mixed with oil, water, sugar, salt and pepper.  It is so good, but I have got to watch how much I eat of it because it doesn’t agree with me if you know what I mean.

Even then, I still have cucumbers going bad and the chicks can only be allowed to eat so many.  Might interfere with their egg production.


The eggs they are laying right now are little.  Next to this quarter is one.  Kind of like your first baby is small and then the rest get progressively bigger although my children went the opposite way.    They have only been laying a week and I think only two or three are laying at this minute.  I am hoping some big eggs will start showing up.  Heaven knows I have been feeding the girls very well.


They are all this color.



Here they are next to large size store bought eggs.  I think tomorrow we are going to scramble some.  They are perfect little eggs, just not very big yet.


Had to show you three of my able bodied chicks are roosting on the handicap roost.  Shouldn’t they be fined???  Freedom still sits underneath.  I have to tell you she has been walking normally now for a week or so. Her foot isn’t curling under and she keeps up with the rest so I think we got her over whatever was ailing her.  Funny thing is, with all the attention I gave her and held her so much and handfed her when she was crippled,  she acts the most scared of me than any of the other chicks.  Guess she’s like a teen-ager and has to prove she can get along without me.

Now I have to tell you about a wonderful book I received in the mail last week.  I ordered it months ago and have been looking forward to getting it and I was not disappointed.


The day it arrived in the mail, I put it aside until I knew I would have time to sit down and really look at it.  That wasn’t until I went to bed that night and I read half of it before I went to sleep.  I will show you what it is and tell you about its author in my next post.  You may want to get this book if you are at all interested in England or of traveling to England.  Here’s to salads, chicken eggs and wonderful books.  Bye.



A Sexy Old Lady and Other Things

This weekend because our house is one hundred years old and because we have been married for forty-five years and because we wanted to get some friends and family together, David and I had a party.

I had sent out invitations to many family members and invited my Sunday school class and my best friend from high school and her husband.  Most of them came.  We planned to have a cookout.  It rained.

Happily, David and I had made contingency plans for bad weather and had set up chairs and tables in our house and in my shop for about forty people.  Every chair was filled.  It was a great time and we had fun.  I hope everyone enjoyed the day.  I felt so blest.

Here are a few snapshots from the day


David grilled under an umbrella.


Before pictures of my shop.




This is one of my nieces. She is so sweet.




Ah, grandsons, you gotta love them.


Three friends from church.  Aren’t they cute?  You can just tell they are fun to be around.



My best friend from high school and her husband.  She was telling tales about me to my daughter sitting with her.


I met family members I had never met.  Another red-headed boy. I told him I was partial to red heads, which I am.   I could kick myself because I neglected to take pictures of those eating in the house..  I was too busy reminiscing with everyone that I forgot to take pictures.  Two of my mother’s sisters were here who I don’t see very often.  They can tell so many things about my mother that I didn’t know.  I didn’t get their pictures.  I hope someone did.



Anyway, David and I enjoyed ourselves immensely.  Is that a giant pimple on my head? Someone needs to pop it.

Years ago, I gave this book to a friend on her fiftieth birthday.


When I turned fifty, she gave it back to me. One day I will give it to someone else turning fifty.

I love Judith Viorst. She wrote a lot of children’s books. “Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day” was checked out of the library several times while my children were growing up.  There is a poem in this book that I would like to share.  My sentiments exactly.

A Sexy Old Lady

I’m intending to grow up to be a sexy old lady,

With a gleam in my eye and lace on my underpants.

Never vulgar, of course, but a  perfumed and pedicured lady

Whose passions persist long long after the age of romance.


I’m intending to walk around town as a sexy old lady,

The kind that no Boy Scout need hurry to help cross the street.

With a light-hearted bounce that announces now here comes a lady

Who knows all the steps to the dance and has not lost the beat.


I’m intending to finish my days as a sexy old lady,

Yes, spiritual too-and compassionate, wise, mature, droll.

But along with that high-minded stuff I shall still be a lady

Aware of the joys that lie just slightly south of the soul.


I’m intending to go to my grave as a sexy old lady,

There’ll be plenty of time for propriety after I’m dead.

So, if heaven has answered my prayers,

I expect to be found, around eighty, upstairs

With my sexy old husband nestled beside me in bed.

Thank you, Judith Viorst.



  You know your life is way too busy when you don’t even have time to brush your teeth.  I have found in the past few weeks that half the morning is gone before I get that fur ball feeling in my  mouth like something has crawled in there and died and I know I have forgotten to brush and floss.  I barely run a brush through my hair.  I am beginning to act and look like some backwoods woman. Soon I’ll be smoking a corncob pipe and using snuff.  I have let my hair grow long and I wear the same pair of pants more than two days in a row.

  It’s all because I have become a chicken keeper.  Something happens to your psyche when you take care of chickens every day.  I find myself talking to them in chicken language and spending more time with them than I do the dogs.  Bonnie and Belle are beginning to resent them and growl at them every chance they get.  I have been taking care of Freedom, who has a bad leg and she takes a lot of my time, hand feeding her, cleaning her box, taking her outside for fresh air, returning her to her box at night.

   I have been painting molding around our new back door, planting a new flower bed, trying to finish some sewing projects, and what with the house cleaning, laundry, cooking, etc., etc. I keep very busy.  I just finished a James Bible study also.  I really don’t know how I did anything when I was working.   I thought retirement was supposed to be more relaxing.


   We went to an auction a couple of weeks ago and there were several boxes of old books.  In one of them was this old book written the same year the Titanic went down.  When I was a girl growing up on the farm, there was a bookcase at the head of the stairs that had a book about the Titanic.  I use to sit on the stairs and read it and wonder about the people who were on that boat.   The book disappeared after Mom and Dad passed away and I have always wished I had gotten it.  I think this is the same book.  Anyway, the first box of books went for thirty-five dollars which was much more than I wanted to pay so when the bidding began on the box with this book I thought I probably wouldn’t get it, but it sold for only five dollars and we got it!  There were several nice books in the box.  There is a very old edition of Swiss Family Robinson.


  This was the captain of the ship.  He went down with the ship.  In the most recent movie about the Titanic the people on the ship were portrayed as panicking and screaming and running about.  People who were actually there said it was eerily quiet and people were orderly and not scrambling to get on the lifeboats.  In fact, up until the very last many thought it was only a drill.


  Here is a picture of the Titanic comparing its size to other things such as the great pyramids and the Washington monument.  Impressive. No wonder people thought she was unsinkable.


  As the ship was going down, the people on the lifeboats heard the ones left on the ship singing this song.  The cries and yelling did not start until the ship went down and people fell into the freezing waters.  How horrible it must have been sitting in a lifeboat and hearing those screams.  Many lost their lives that night.


 David and I were sitting outside on the swing when we saw this amazing sight.  There were about eleven turkey vultures soaring above us seeming to be playing in the wind currents.  They did this for quite a while until they flew away.


  Our snowball bush is especially pretty this year.  Years ago, David’s grandmother had a huge snowball bush in her backyard.  She gave me a sapling from off of it and these flowers are from it.  David pruned it pretty heavily last year and I was afraid we wouldn’t have flowers, but its branches are bending down from them.


  This picture was taken of it at night with no flash.  It looks like the flowers are shining.

  Now, since it is Mother’s Day, I will give you some flowers and other pretties from my garden.








  Yes, even dandelions are pretty.


  A new Echinacea that will have a completely green flower.


  This is the only snail that is welcome in my garden.


  The new flower bed I am working on.


  A dragonfly that lights up at night.


   Happy Mother’s Day to all of you who are mothers or mother someone or would like to be a mother or have a mother.  I was never happier than the days each of my children were born.  I don’t think your children realize how much they are loved until they have children of their own and know the love they feel for them.  That love never goes away, no matter what happens.  Your mother is your best friend for life, would gladly give her life for you, and will love you for eternity.  I was blessed with a wonderful mother and I can’t wait to see her one day in heaven.  Happy Mother’s Day, Mom.  I love you.


    Love to all of you.  Bye.

Busy Weekend Ahead

Whew, do you ever wonder where the days go?  I get up and before I turn around it is time to  go to bed.  I’ve been trying to stay up later, but by ten o’clock I am tucked in with a good book and nodding off by eleven.  I thought it was nine o’clock when I got up this morning although as I came down the stairs I thought it was awfully dark for nine.  When I saw the clock on the stove, it was just seven.  I decided I was not going to go back to bed because David and I had plans for the morning.

  When David got up we went to IHOP for brunch where I got an omelet and spinach and cheese melt, yum,  and then went shopping for gardening things.  I got a new potato fork. Whoopie!!  I won’t be digging any potatoes with it, but will use it to turn the compost pile.  I’ve been wanting one for a while.  Better than any jewelry.  We looked for some new food for the dogs.  Suddenly they are both turning up their doggie noses at the food they have been eating for years.  Maybe it’s because I have spoiled them with treats and scraps in their food and when they get it plain, they don’t like it.

  I got some pink phlox and hamburger at Jay C.  How’s that for diversity?

  Then on to Rural King.  One of my favorite stores.  I’d rather go there than any department store.  Had to check on the baby chicks even though I won’t be getting any more for a while.  The Austrolops are so pretty.  There were some chicks with little white bottoms.  I don’t know what kind they were, but they were so cute.  Wonder if they keep their white bottom into adulthood?  They would be easy to see for a predator, I would think with their shiny bottoms gleaming

   We got some basil and thyme plants, a magnolia tree and fifty bags of mulch.  Let the mulching begin.  Will probably put down a hundred or so bags before we are done.

 I love Spring and getting ready to garden.  I have tomato plants growing and will plant cucumbers and pumpkins and garlic.  That’s about it.  Seed is so expensive anymore you can almost buy the food for what the seed costs.  Last year after all the time, money and work, I only got two quarts of green beans from the garden so I am definitely not planting green beans this year.  David says I am a hoarder because every time we go to the grocery I buy several cans of green beans.  I like having plenty on hand and eat a lot of them myself.  I can buy almost thirty cans of green beans for what a pound of green bean seeds would cost me.

  I am reading a really good book right now.  One I probably wouldn’t have chosen on my own, but I read about it on a blog I read and they are doing a discussion group on it.  I ordered it for my Kindle and I can hardly put it down. It is about Dietrich Bonhoeffer, a theologian during the second world war who was one of the men who tried to assassinate Adolph Hitler.  He led such an interesting life and lived out his faith during the war.  He was held in prison and eventually murdered, but he also wrote many letters to his fiancée and there is a book of those I would like to read next. Not a book I would have looked at and said “Hey, I need to read that,” but I am glad it was brought to my attention.

  David and I are going to our first auction this weekend.  We haven’t been to one for a couple of years and have really missed it so we made a promise to ourselves we would get to one or two this year.  We use to go about every weekend, but how many antiques and bric a brac can two people have?  We should open an antique store ourselves.  But we never get rid of anything.  I am not a hoarder, I promise.  You can walk through my house and I have room to store things.  I just really should not buy anything else.  We shall see what happens when the bidding begins!

  Hope all will be well with you this weekend.  Bye.